A Dangerous Mistake People Make When Others Dump Their Complaints On Them and What to Do About It

Haven’t you had people whine and complain and gripe about their problems and dump their complaints on you at some point?

We all have, right?

And how did you respond to this?

What was your reply?

Did you start giving them suggestions and solutions for fixing their problems in an effort to help them overcome their difficulties?

After all, it’s the “caring” thing to do, isn’t it?

If you have, would you like to know how people are really reacting to your efforts to “fix” them when they complain at you?

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What Quiet People Who Listen to Everything Others Want to Talk About Should Know

Are you the type of person who spends most of your time listening to what others want to talk about in your conversations with them?

Do you just passively standby and let the other person flap their gums about whatever they want to talk about without having much of a voice in the conversation or contributing to the subject at hand, or even deciding it’s something you even want to discuss?

If so, are you under the impression that to be a “good person”, the polite thing to do is to not interrupt or discourage people from speaking about what happens to be on their mind?

Because guess what?

Brace yourself...

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The Powerful Way to Ask People for Things That Will Get Their Compliance Without Coming Off Like a Wimp

Have you ever paid attention to the way you ask people for things?

Whether it’s at a store or in your personal life, how do you form your requests?

Do you say, “Can I get a pack of whatever?”

If so, have you ever thought about what you’re really communicating when you ask for things in this way and also considered how you’re being perceived and received by the recipient?

These are important considerations to make and I want to tell you why...

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5 Little Words to Use to Point Out Peoples’ Faults without Making Them Defensive and Staring an Argument

Have you ever been in that situation where someone else’s behavior was affecting you negatively, but you weren’t sure how to go about bringing it to their attention?

After all, don’t people often tend to get defensive and even argumentative whenever we point out their faults, weaknesses or bad behaviors?

Instead of looking at themselves, their behavior and how it affects others, don’t they tend to either start giving us excuses for their behavior, or else they start justifying it and giving us reasons for why they act the way they do?

And then isn’t there actually the odd time, when instead of staying focused on themselves, they actually try to turn the situation around on us and start criticizing us for our behavior, meanwhile completely ignoring their own bad behavior that we ’re trying to bring to their attention?

When we do this, what usually ends up happening?

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How to Make Effective Use of Eye Contact to Exude an Aura of Confidence

It’s no secret that the way we make eye contact with people reveals our level of confidence in ourselves and our ability to communicate well with them, is it?

But what makes for phenomenal eye contact?

What makes it signal to others that we are not only self-assured, but that we also are truly tuned in and listening to what the people we talk to are saying?

With that said, how would you like to learn a simple technique to make eye contact with people that will quickly win their trust and respect?

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A Simple Trick to Ask People Personal Questions Without Coming Off Forward or Invasive

Have you ever wanted to know something about someone but you were concerned that asking them outright for the answer might be too invasive and come across as nosy, or like you’re crossing an unspoken boundary with them?

Or perhaps you’ve only met the person or have only known them for a short period and asking the question might come across too forward because the trust just hasn’t been established yet, causing them to give you resistance and even perceive you poorly because of it?

Is there a way to deal with this situation effectively – or get the information you want from them without them finding your efforts too upfront or awkward?

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An Awful Way People Damage Their Relationships and Turn Even Their Closest Friends Into Enemies

Do you ever preach at people?

Knowing they hold a conflicting or opposing viewpoint than your own, do you ever put in an effort to try to show them the errors in their thinking and try to correct or even “enlighten” them?

And taking it deeper, do you see it as your obligation or perhaps even your mission to convert people to what you believe is the truth, something to which you think the other person is ignorant of?

And finally, do you see this as doing them a great service or favor?

If so, would you like to learn about how people are secretly rejecting your attempts to convert them internally, even though they may not voice this reality to your face, and why they’re actually itching to leave your presence when you behave in this way?

Furthermore, are you open to changing yourself, and thus, the results you get from others?

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The Ultimate Truth about How to Meet People and Turn Strangers into Friends or Lovers

What’s the difference between someone you consider a stranger and someone you consider a friend?

Isn’t a part of it found in the fact that, with a friend, you know things about each other and about each other’s lives?

And if that’s true, how do you intentionally go about getting to know things about other people and sharing things with them about yourself?

How do you go from talking to someone for the first time, building on that interaction, and turning that meeting into a friendship or relationship?

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